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Tap text alongside of icons here and read full list. Each 6 sections have Hindi as well as English literature videos and PDFs for learners. Learn to speak Hindi with stories makes studying fun. Learn to speak English with short stories makes learning fun.

Quotes +Quotations

Famous quotes and sayings from well-known authors, poets, philosophers are presented in Hindi and also in English

Spellings +Vocabulary

Shoot your vocabulary, make sure you know spellings and word - meaning of these words that enrich your vocabulary.

Visuals +Summary

Explanation and summary of stories and Literature done visually on your screen, making it loads of fun to watch and understand easily.

Quiz +Questions

Your queries, curiosities and questions related to stories. Test and make sure you get the stories with these questions based on the audiostories from channel playlist.


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Short Stories

Work in progress on short story illustrations.

Interesting, Illustrated, Immersive

Interesting, Illustrated, Immersive

Artistic Short Stories

Check out these artistic story illustrations, that will keep you engaged

Submit your Original

Submit your Original

Short stories

You may also send your own original story to get it transformed into a picture story, submit on CONTACT PAGE !