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Catch phrases in Hindi Conversation :  तकियाकलाम 

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Just like any other language Hindi language also has catch phrases or catch words that are used by its speakers. Majority of Hindi speakers use these तकियाकलाम in their daily Hindi or Urdu conversation and don't even realize it!

The Hindi word for तकियाकलाम is सूत्रवाक्य and it may be defined as "a phrase, word or sentence that is spoken again and again even in a couple of sentences" Some people speak with much more ease by using them. Most often people don't even realize and they become habitual of using these catch phrases, sometimes others (audience / listeners) may find it irritating.

In many Hindi movies one can find such catch phrases being used by comedians and actors. Sometimes even a simple phrase or sentence becomes so popular that it turns into a catch phrase and people use it among friends and family as informal conversation. 

Example: The dialogue in the 1975 movie " दीवार " : "मेरे पास माँ है

(Do you know which actor said this line and to whom? Name the actor that played mother or माँ in the movie?) 

Some more तकियाकलाम :-


क्या मतलब 

कसम से 

सुनो ज़रा



जैसे कि

है ना

क्या कहा

ठीक है ना

वो क्या है ना 


और क्या

हाँ नहीं तो

वो जो है ना

ऐसे कैसे 

वो जो है

हे भगवान! उठा ले मुझे!

हे राम!

हे भगवान !

बिलकुल नहीं होगा 

क्यों ठीक है न ?

क्या कहा ?

है कि नहीं 

हाय - not as Hello but like alas! or आह like a sigh.

So what is your catch phrase in Hindi or English? Think about it! 

You might have one or even two!
Which catch phrases do you hear around you? 

Feel free to write more such catch phrases in the comments below. 

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