OK and fine in Hindi

Which one will you use? 

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Today let's talk about two very simple and common words in Hindi that even a beginner level student learning Hindi knows. Surely you must have heard the words अच्छा and ठीक often in a conversation and read them in even short and simple sentences. But which one will you choose in a Hindi conversation?

The word ठीक means OK, fine

The word अच्छा means Good

while people may use these words interchangeably, they have different meanings and should be used accordingly. There is a third word that falls in this category :

The word ठीक-ठाक means fine, average or so-so. The second word ठाक does not mean anything on its own it is just a word combination that goes together.  

The words ठीक-ठाक and ठीक are in the same category as they have similar meanings even then each one has its uses.

But अच्छा and ठीक are different, see the sentences below as examples.

  • खाना अच्छा है = Food is good.
  • यहाँ मौसम अच्छा है = Here climate/weather is good.

  • खाना ठीक है = Food is fine.
  • अब उसकी तबियत ठीक है = Now his health is fine.

  • खाना ठीक-ठाक है = Food is average. 

Many more sentences may be made to show the difference but I would like the students learning Hindi to try this fun exercise. Use the three words in three different sentences, you may make more sentences as above. 

Then type them in Hindi script Devanagari in the comment box below and also give their meaning in English. अच्छा, ठीक है  :)

Now start thinking !