Hindi : Identity of India


Students who have an interest in HINDI come to INDIA to better understand it. Many times, once they come here they don't go back. Indian languages become a turning point in their lives. The desire to know it, makes them come to INDIA. Visiting India is the best option to understand and learn HINDI and other Indian languages.

HINDI is India's identity. Approximately half the people in INDIA communicate in Hindi. Others also somewhat understand it. Although many people have a good knowledge of English also, but its difficult to live here without Hindi.English is also important in this country and the main reason for that is job, where importance is given to people who know English. Also, English is an international language. Even then Hindi cannot be ignored and it has a good future. Changes are rapidly being made in Hindi language. The English words that are being accepted by Indian society are being added to Hindi in the same form. Thus, when the society accepts new things, new changes, they are also adopted by its language.


Thus, when the language accepts new changes with time and grows with these changes its future will always be bright.

India's culture is its identity and all Indian languages play an important role in Indian culture. Without Hindi one cannot think about India because almost half the people use Hindi for communication and other half also somewhat understand Hindi and are able to deal with it. Once foreigners come to India they get an opportunity to know and understand the literature of language which they are not able to do in their country.

In order to properly understand the culture and civilization of any country, one has to learn and study its language. Without this, it is not possible to communicate with people. Are you also interested in learning Hindi ? Book your 1 on 1 or group session to learn Hindi online

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