Hindi Language

National Language of India : HINDI

In order to understand the people of India and their emotions, understanding and learning Hindi is necessary.
Ruskin Bond, Tom Alter, Barry John are some of the many foreigners who not only settled in India but also embraced Hindi and made their separate identity. Not only that, somewhere Hindi also became a turning point in their life.
India is a country with numerous languages where more than 850 languages are spoken in India whereas, only 250 languages are spoken in the entire Europe (credit: Peoples Linguistic Survey of India) The attraction and attachment foreigners have for India is not new. It is very old and deep because not only they get a different lifestyle but also fame and fortune as is evident by the names of people mentioned above. If we take a look at the present time, names like Katrina Kaif and Lauren Gottlieb come to mind. 

The success of foreigners  settled in India each year inspires people of America, Europe and Japan to come and work here. India gives them new opportunities.  Professionals get freedom, researchers and scholars get many opportunities to study language and culture. 14 September is Hindi Day therefore you will get to read more about Hindi as a language, so do check the upcoming posts.


India is a country with many cultures and languages. Out of the many languages spoken here, knowledge of Hindi is very important if a person has to Stay and work here. Yes you can manage with just English also as English is more in use today but without knowing Hindi it will not be easy. 

Even the people who have good command over English use Hindi for communicating among themselves. People from other countries also realize this. If you visit India you will understand this situation easily. Hindi helps understanding the culture and Society of India. The reason is that many people, even when they know English, like to talk in Hindi. Hindi is a scientific language and thus it is easy to learn. 

Many companies send their employees to India for business related work. Knowledge of Hindi proves helpful in such scenarios as it becomes easy for them to understand the Indian market and what Indian people want. 

The future of Hindi will always be bright as it easily adopts words from other languages that have been accepted in the Indian society. Being a phonetic language words from any language may be written and pronounced in Hindi.

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