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This page presents audiobooks in Hindi and audiobooks in English for anyone who wants to improve their pronunciation of the language. Audiobooks on Learning Live Online are presented visually on YouTube Channel to make it more interesting for learners and students of any age. Benefits of learning to speak with audiobooks :

audiobooks help learn to speak
  • with audiobooks students learn to hear and recognize words much better.
  • These videos that have audiobook narration of stories may be heard as many times as you like, thus giving you lots of Listening practice of language, this helps you learn the correct pronunciation of words and phrases, with audiobooks students learn to hear how words are being pronounced correctly and also learn correct spellings when you watch video again and again.
  • Audiobooks on LLO's YouTube channel is presented visually which makes it more interesting for students of any age.
  • It also gives speaking practice as students may repeat the videos and speak along for thorough practice. These videos are meant for reading or pronunciation practice only.
  • These audiobooks have only the story, so listener is able to enjoy the story narration without any interruption. Explanation of story and summary is presented in separate video on YouTube Channel. Links to related videos are given in description box below each video on YouTube.

Audio books available here are sorted by languages and subjects, so click on photo link below, or the highlighted word, to view the list of available audio books under each category. A playlist is also available on YouTube channel.

Various topics are being covered, it is a work in progress, takes lots of time to create these, your support is much appreciated. You may Support these efforts in various ways, a simple like on the videos, following on Social media and interacting by leaving your comments is very helpful as it makes the work more discoverable for others. You may also share it with your friends who have similar interests. Check the Support page on LLO for more info.

English Audiobooks

Short stories that help you learn to speak English. The audiobooks here are read in English at a speed that makes it easy to follow along and understand the words being spoken.

WIP - coming soon. You may support these efforts, even a small contribution will add up and enable me to give job to editors and make more interesting materials available to you all.

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Hindi Audiobooks

The audiobooks in Hindi are narrated in Hindi and presented in Devanagari script. 

For those who are at a stage where you are already able to read and understand Hindi script, as these are Hindi books and Hindi study notes, meant for school and university students studying Hindi, or anyone else who is an intermediate level Hindi student. 

Anybody who is able to read in Hindi or wants to  practice reading and listening in Hindi will find this playlist very helpful, example: if you are a learner for whom Hindi is a foreign language (Hindi as a second language or third language). Majority of Hindi content on this site is explained through English, for non-native speakers of Hindi and English speaking students who are interested in learning Hindi. Hence, do remember to check out this list of videos, and this page that lists it all, where these stories are explained in English and Hindi both.

Feel free to explore for yourself and browse through the pages on this site.

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