Quotes from famous Hindi Story Kaki

The video on this page presents some useful quotations from a very famous Hindi story " KAKI" by Siyaramsharan Gupt.

Students of Hindi literature may use these quotations in their answers and score extra marks in Hindi, the quotes from the story when quoted at the right place will earn you credits. This video aims to bring the attention of students' to important aspects of the story, as Hindi student you must be able to explain these quotes and understand their implied meaning. 

Kaki is a famous Hindi story that many students of Hindi literature have studied, here are important quotes from Kaki story, learn these quotes and understand the explanation of quotes and Kaki story meaning. In this story the writer is trying to explain the feelings and condition of a mother less child. The story also shows that a small child is unaware of the reality of life and death and has a pure heart. This video is communicated in English. This video is suitable for class 6, 9 and class 10, this story is for nice for all students, all classes who study Hindi Literature.

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