PDF / E-books

All Hindi books here are in digital format i.e. PDF which you may download and read on your mobile and other devices / gadgets. If you like to read in printed form then you may easily print them too.  

Hindi e-books (in Devanagari Script)

Hindi Books in Devanagari Script, these are for those who are able to read & comprehend Hindi script, you may be non-native Hindi speaker for whom Hindi is second or third language or Hindi literature student as the stories are from Hindi Literature, planning to do some short play reading, fiction / novel and so on.


English e-books and English Literature notes 

Coming soon, Subscribe to stay updated, will be uploading PDF's on English Lit.

Use contact form on side or home page to submit your subject related request (example : which story you would like to hear, study notes, explanations and so) and get the content available sooner for You to enjoy :) 

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