Short Hindi story KAKI

This short Hindi story Kaki is written by SiyaramSharan Gupt. A very famous short Hindi story from Hindi Literature. The video is a narration or a reading of this famous and emotional short Hindi story. This story is for Hindi students of ICSE, CBSE board. Board exams Hindi story, Hindi Literature lesson online, Get CBSE lessons and ICSE lessons for Hindi literature students - Online

Learn to speak Hindi through Hindi story. Read along with this Hindi story and practice speaking Hindi, improve your Hindi speaking and practice pronunciation.

In this story the writer is trying to explain the feelings and condition of a mother less child. The story also shows that a small child is unaware of the reality of life and death and has a pure heart.   
This video is communicated in Hindi.  This video is suitable for class 6, 9 and class 10
Contents of video: a Short Hindi story. this story is for nice for all students, all classes, check out more of my videos on Kaki story

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