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All Learning Live Online educational videos are being posted on YouTube channel links given on this page, the channels are based on topics so you may view the channels and please Subscribe and turn on ALL notifications else YouTube will not notify you when the video gets published. 

When you watch the full videos it helps and keeps the team motivated to keep going. Do share videos with your friends and if you do not like something then write it in the comments below the video or DM on Instagram or Facebook.

Hindi script - Devanagari  This YT channel Learning HINDI online is focused on Hindi stories, their quotes, spellings, questions, summary, PDF notes, audio of story in video form. Also Devanagari script which is used for Sanskrit as well as Hindi. You will get pronunciation videos to help non-native as well as Literature students speak correctly, the pronunciation helps with listening and reading as well. You may read along the audio story and improve your reading of Devanagari script.
  Sanskrit pronunciation videos are also posted here.
Ink Pot This YouTube Learning Hindi Quotes Online is focused on Hindi Quotes. Hindi quotes are from Hindi authors, Hindi Literature, Hindi stories, famous quotations, a collection that you will enjoy viewing videos of. These quotations are written by hand using ink and paper. You may view the playlists that have been arranged category-wise.

This YouTube Learning English Quotes Online brings you famous quotes from authors, from English Literature, celebrities' and so on. Majority of these quotes are written in Hand calligraphy, using ink and pen. Remember to subscribe to the channel as well as I have plans to upload PDFs of English Literature notes on this website here, I will announce it on this English Quotes YouTube, so make sure you are following it for updates and also for inspirational quotes.
What is needed to learn online is shown in the video on this page. 

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