Women in History

Selection of stories featuring women

In the month of June I announced a Hindi story each month on this YouTube channel (its main focus is teaching Hindi) dedicated to someone special in my life.

Here is a list of all the stories that have ben done and also those that will be coming up in the coming months, all these stories feature women characters 

# Kaki by Siyaram Sharan Gupt
# Begam Hazrat Mahal
# Mamta by Jaishankar Prasad
# Sita ji

Each link in the list above will take you to it's page where you will find the story as well as Question, vocab, PDF's and more related to each Hindi story. The original stories are in Hindi, explained visually in English, accompanied with PDF notes, Vocab, Quotations and Questions that will help any body studying Hindi who has a goal of improving Hindi reading, Hindi listening, comprehension and build their Hindi vocabulary.

Anybody who is able to read Devanagari (the script for Hindi) and who understands English will benefit from these videos and notes provided FREE in the form of practice / workbook. 

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